Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sha-Touched Transmog

My first MoP transmog post!!  I haven't done any recent
transmog posts as frankly none of the MoP sets really
interested me all that much.  My transmog focus right now
is on finishing up my Ulduar and Naxx sets and the RNG
God's laugh at me each attempt!  I also came across an old
post on Hunter's Hall with several awesome Dark Ranger
outfits and there's one in particular that I'm now obsessed
with putting together.

That said, I decided to take an hour or so recently and put a bit of effort into getting a few MoP themed sets together.  At least in theory via Mogit!  This one is the first completed and is based off the Sha Touched gun so I call it my Sha-Touched Set.  I was originally going in a different direction with the chest, shoulders, and pants but I really like how it ended up.  Some other pieces to try are the Golemheart Longbow, Mistshroud Belt, and/or Bloodthirsty Charscale Shoulders.

If my RNG luck changes I should have some more sets following this one very soon.  Wish me luck!!

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