Monday, February 4, 2013

New (ish) Additions

I haven't been playing much WoW lately but I wanted to make a post real quick to introduce some members of my stable.  Neither are really new but I just haven't officially introduced them on this blog yet.  I logged on WoW just to take them out and take some shots of them.  I do miss all my pets and once things calm down irl I'm sure I'll be back spending more time with them.

First up is Volos.  He first started out as a purple Serpent and would rotate in between my stable and being his wild counterpart, Venomtip, the gorgeous purple serpent in Scholazar Basin.  I found that I always admired him in the wild and it seemed to fit him more than the occasional visit to my stables did.  That all changed with patch 5.1 and this gorgeous new icy blue skin. There are rarer more "special" but I knew that this was who Volos was meant to be. 

The beautiful, almost glamorous viciousness of Venomtip has been replaced with a cool calm ferocity that better fits Volos' personality.  Venomtip is still one of my favorite wild mobs but I think this look is just so Volos that I had to have it.  This is probably the most difficult pets to get shots of as this new model is VERY fidgety.  Still, it makes the good ones all the more worth it.  

I've tamed Arcturis  many times on my main and my hunter alt.  None of them really stuck though even though I happen to adore this bear.  Nothing seemed to click until I found him the perfect name.  I ended up naming him after my "bestest wow buddy" who also named his Loque after me. For some reason this  was the tiny tweak needed to make this gorgeous crystal blue bear part of my stables.  Kevin is goofy, adorable, and goodhearted although, like his namesake, can raise holy hell if he has to.  The few times I've logged into WoW lately have been spent with Kevin by my side causing all kinds of mayehm around Pandaria.  I'm still in awe about how something as tiny as the perfect name can make a pet feel so right!


  1. You always take the most amazing Screenshots!
    I Love them all!

  2. Thanks Pando! :) More posts coming soon I promise. I actually played WoW for hours last night! First time in a while!