Sunday, October 14, 2012

Azure Cloud Serpent

I finally got my cloud serpent.  I chose the Azure color as I love the blue tinged with purple.  I have the other two colors too but this one is my favorite.  He's gorgeous and I had so much fun riding around taking screenshots.  The dailies were a lot of fun and the concept of raising your own mount was a big hit with me.  I'd love it if that could somehow be translated into Hunters raising our own pet.  Here's hoping! (If you look close you can see Auria, my little Pterrodaxx Hatchling tagging along in some of the shots :D)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mini Pet Madness

It's been two weeks since MoP's release and I have yet to make a transmog post.  Shocking!!  The reason is because my transmog addiction has been temporarily displaced by a new one.  Pet battling and collecting.  I swear, it's worse than crack!  By far!  I can't stop!  Someone help me!  Ok, not really serious on the wanting help part.  Unless it's a heads up on a Minfernal or Scourged Whelpling spawn!  :P 

I've never played Pokemon before, probably the only person in the entire world who hasn't, but I have a feeling I'd love that game.  If it's anything close to this I know I would.  OK, enough rambling about addicitons.  On to the good stuff!

I originally chose three pets to level to 25 first and use to collect rares along the way.  The Panda Monk because he hits like a truck, the Core Hound Pup because he has a good mix of damage and avoidance depending on how he's spec'd, and the Pterrordax Hatchling because she can gently whittle down a rare's health while healing herself in between.   I found a rare Shore Crab in Krasarang Wilds and it didn't take long to level him up.  I use him sometimes for his healing and avoidance.  This comp has served me well and while I haven't done many pvp battles, I've mostly won the few I have done.

This is the team I'm currently lvl'ing up.  I was trying for variety so when they're 25 (max lvl) I can swap them in and out with my current max lvl pets.  I wanted an undead to counter Humanoids so I picked my Lost of Lordaeron.  Willow, my Nightsaber Cub, is one of the fastest pets available which means she goes first a lot so that might come in handy.  Mechanical pets in general are really good so I'm lvl'ing my XT but I also have a Clockwork Gnome at lvl 15 that I'm going to swap in and out.  Like undead they can die and come back to life and with their heal they can go from dead to almost full health in one turn.

The prairie dog is really just for the achievement to lvl every family to 10.  I haven't quite figured out what critter I'm going to pick to go all the way.  They tend to be very fast and hit hard but they also are weak against a lot of families so I'm still mulling it over.

Now for the fun pets.  These pets, for one reason or another, aren't in my battle lineups but I adore them just the same:

Geisha:  My bf made me this adorable Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling.  I love her!!  And she matches Guzou nicely.  He's not too sure of the little tag along yet but I think he'll come around.

Dolce:  When I saw that there was a little mini Dulcinea running around the snow capped hills of Dun Morgh, I just had to have this adorable Snow Cub.  I found a rare on my second try!  I think it was meant to be.

Swoon:  Meet Swoon, the Bandicoon!  I was just lvl'ing my team when I came across this rare white beauty.  It wasn't until she was tamed and by my side that I totally fell for her.  Her big red eyes and round little face are just irresistible!

Nalija:  She may be common quality but this Giraffe Calf is one rare pet.  I don't even dare hope for an actual rare one.  If he day ever comes where she gets upgraded, great, if not I'm enjoying her just the same.  She's so pretty and is one big girl for a "mini" pet.

Goblynn:  Takara has a look-alike!  I found this Mirror Strider in the Jade forest.  They come in several colors but this one happened to be a spitting image of my adorable bug and rare to boot.  I love her!  There's just something about the WoW bugs that get to me.  They remind me of the Diablo treasure goblins so I named my big girl Takara (treasure in Japanese) and the little one Goblynn.  I've actually lvl'd Goblynn the last couple lvl's to 25.  She has some nice healing and damage but I'm not sure how I'll use her on a team yet.

That's it for now but I have tons more rare and adorable pets who are sure to get highlighted in a future post.  Here's my pet page if you want to see everything I have and where to get them.  In the meantime if anyone wants me to pass the Battle Pet Crack Pipe just ask!  :P

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Here Comes Hideo

I first fell for Hideo when he was one of the many pink cranes scattered around the Jade Forest on Beta.  His big bright pinkness just grabbed me and there was an instant connection.  However, as beautiful as he was, a black crane *should* have matched my toon much better.  I wasn't supposed to be running around with a giant pink bird. So I tamed a black one and tried to bond.  As gorgeous as the black cranes are it just wasn't the same.

Sooner or later the inevitable was accepted and I retamed my pink beauty.  And never looked back.  Several months later I found out he was destined to be Patrannache, one of the new MoP rares.  Figures!  And he is known to be the most difficult to find with his long windy path, teeny tiny tracks, and the fact that they blend into the surrounding ground so easily.  All this when he even deigns to drop tracks at all for eager hunters to find.

Despite the challenges I managed to find him a lot faster than I thought I would.  After a couple unsuccessful hunts one night it all came together.  I tracked him for over an hour and a half losing and refinding them along the way.  I almost gave up more than once.   The third time was the charm in this case....that and persistence!

This time near the southern part of his path tracks kept consistently appearing and I knew he was close.  After a few missed flares I finally managed to land one just ahead of him and he walked right into it.  The lesson from Portent's tame firmly learned, I had Mark on my bars ready to go.  It was a flawless symphony of flare, mark, flare again to aggro, tame!  He was mine.  Finally for real and not just on Beta!

I named him DragQween originally as a fun shout out to his flamboyant fabulousness but over time as I got to know him on Beta it became clear that the name didn't fit his short-tempered, fierce, yet affectionate personality at all.  I ended up choosing Hideo which means "splendid man" in Japanese.  I love the way the name sounds and it acknowledges his stunning looks while avoiding anything too kitschy or cutesy pie.

Needless to say I adore him and it's like we picked up just where we left off on Beta.  I love having him out with me and I don't even care that he's not the typical type or color I would choose.  That makes him even more special, IMO. I'm looking forward to lots of fun and adventures with this guy.

My Two Favorite MoP Mounts (and how to get them)

At least they're my two favorite so far!  I'm so thrilled and am having a blast on them!

First up is the Red Flying Cloud.  You can purchase it for around 400 gold once you become exalted with the Lorewalkers.  As far as reputation grinds go this one is fast but very different from the usual.  You can do it in a few hours with a flying mount and a little studying.

Basically you fly around Pandaria and visit various monuments.  Completing certain groups of monuments reward you with an achievement which in turns gives you Lorewalker rep.  Additionally after you complete each achievement you get a quest to turn in which also rewards rep.  This YouTube video was indispensable   Whoever made it, thanks so much!   You might want to check out the Wowhead page about this faction too.

I love this mount!  It's the one I wanted most and of all the new mounts I was most excited about this one.  It did not disappoint!

Next up is the Sapphire Panther.  It's made by Jewelcrafters who have reached Revered with the Order of the Cloud Serpent.   Basically just do dailies and if you want you can look for Cloud Serpent Eggs to turn in for rep.  They spawn all over the Windward Isle.  It's like the Netherwing mount grind!

There are five total JCing mounts.  Sapphire, Ruby, Jade, Sunstone, and the Jeweled Onyx.  The last of which uses the first four as reagents.  At the time of this posting I don't know if you can have the them learned and still use them to create the Onyx panther or if they need to be intact inside your bags.  Probably the latter, unfortunately.

These mounts come with a pretty price.  Mats on my server are around 25-30k right now including the very expensive Orb of Mystery which commands a whopping 18k at the vendor.  We're looking at at least 100k to make that Onyx panther.

When these mounts were first data mined I wasn't impressed.  I thought they looked gaudy and too colorful.  Seeing them in game my mind is totally changed.  They are gorgeous!  I love each one and eventually will have all five.  That's a LOT of gold as I have to make four as mats for the one plus an extra four to ride.  My poor little lvl 1 bank toon is gonna be a busy girl!

For now I'm enjoying this gorgeous sleek blue cat.  He's so beautiful I can't get enough of looking at him!  I hope these screenshots do him justice.  This may be the first mount I ever name!  I like him that much.

The next mount I'm really excited about is my Azure Cloud Serpent.  I love the dailies in which you basically raise your mount from hatchling to full grown adult.  Mine is a teenager right now!  I can't wait!!