Saturday, September 29, 2012

MoP Tames

So since like a dork I logged onto a toon a different server for five minutes only to come back to an hour and a half que to log back onto Kil'Jaeden (/facepalm), I guess now is the perfect time to make a post updating my MoP tames so far.  Patrannache and the navy colored Portent are the only two rares I really want and don't have yet.  Hexapos was originally on the list but now I find myself deciding between the black BC skin vs the MoP bug models.  Decisions decisons!

Nangara is finally home!  I waited for this tiger for so long.  I had a couple of days of indecision where I was wondering if maybe she was meant to be a black tiger but ultimately realized that she was meant to be this gorgeous classic orange striped beauty.  It's just her and no other color will fit.




Guzou being in my stables on live is like having an old friend back rather than a new pet.  He's quickly becoming a favorite and I adore him even more than I did on Beta.  I'm LOVING him in his new purple color but I want to try him out in the navy Portent as well.  And to further complicate the decision its just been discovered by a Petopia forum member that the cobalt Quilens in the Crypt of the Forgotten Kings scenario are tameable.  He will eventually end up as one of the three colors, I'm just not sure which yet.

My fiery little redeaded porcupine, Boarboela, has found her way to my stables as well.  She's so tiny and cute but she packs a mean punch!  Go girl!!  While taking screenshots a Goldilocks look-alike came over to say hello.  I miss my Yak :(!

Takara is my little water bug!  I tamed the black Underbog boss and named her Penthesilia and I adore her....then I saw this little sparkle butt and now I adore her too.  I don't know who I'll eventually choose or if I'll rotate between both (probably this) but for now I'm enjoying her company.  Her name means "treasure" in Japanese because she reminds me of the treasure Goblins in Diablo.  Yes, I have officially reached the pinnacle of nerdiness!  :P

Superman is my only rare of the expansion so far.  I was with my bf in Krasarang Wilds killing a humanoid rare when I figured I'd give tracking him a go.  Surprisingly I found his prints, tracked him down for 20 minutes or so, and ended up taming him in almost the same spot I found him in on Beta.  Since he's named after one of my nicknames for my bf if was fitting that he was with me when I found this awesome looking turtle.

That's it for now!  Wish me luck with Portent and esp Patrannache.  I'll update once I've found them!  :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Dressed for the Occasion

Being on the West Coast means MoP's release is basically tonight for me.  Any self respecting transmog addict is going to be ringing it in in style so I came up with this outfit to do just that.  I couldn't begin a new expansion without "The One" but I decided to jazz it up a bit.  I used shoulders and a bow from Ulduar 10 and the skimpy Ornate belt to tie in the yellow accents.  I'm extremely happy with how it came out.

The first thing I will be doing is taming Nangara, my long awaited Tigress.  I've always wanted her to be the classic orange but lately I've had a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that she should be a black tiger instead.  This outfit has made that nagging voice grow even louder.  Enough for me to decide to tame both colors and see which one fits her best.  Can't wait and I will update you, of course, on what color she ends up.

Dulcinea looks good with any outfit!  I like how her, the outfit, and Utgarde Pinnacle as a background came out.

Kuuipo has morphed back into his original self.  I love the simple black boar look.  He looks so fierce and this skin matches a lot of my transmogs.  

I took this opportunity to get a few shots with Freyja as eventually she will be going to my alt's stables. I've done a trial run with her over there and she fits nicely.  But I'm keeping her with me until the last possible second when I need the space.  Until then she will be in both stables.  In a magical pixelated game I can do that!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Salt in My Wound

I have to talk about something that's really upsetting me.  I've been trying for the Salty title for about three years now.  I did all the grinding required for all the achievements but the one that has eluded me for years was winning a Fishing Tournament.  I tried for years.  No luck!

Fast forward to last Saturday.  CRZ and all its associated bugs had hit a few weeks prior but a blue post stated that the bugs affecting the Fishing Tournaments were unintended and hot fixed.  Awesome!  I can try (yet again!!) to win a Derby.

I hop on my Warlock, my former main, and head to Grizzly Hills.  Time check?  Same as server time!  Awesome!  Two PM sharp the announcement is given that the Tournament has started.  Imagine my surprise when as the clock hits 2:05 I miraculously fish up that elusive Blacktip Shark for the first time ever.  No winner has been announced.  OMG can I really win this thing?  I use my Kirin Tor ring to hearth to Dal and arrive at the quest givers location a mere seconds later.

Only there's no quest giver!  I stand there puzzled for a few seconds.  Then I get a whisper from a DK standing near me asking me if I want to do a Black Temple run.  I say no thanks and it's then that I notice the time stamp on the whispers!  12:05!  What??

Turns out I got ported to a Dalaran in a zone two hours behind my server time.  And this after a blue post saying the bugs were fixed.  Uuuuh!  Apparently not!

Since then it's been a bunch of bug reports, phone calls, and in game tickets.  All with the basic theme of, "Thanks for reporting this situation, we'll try to get it fixed so other people don't get screwed but as for you it's too bad so sad, try for another three years to win again"!!! Blizzard isn't willing to do anything to help rectify this situation.  One caused entirely by a bug on Blizzard's end.

I can't even speak to anyone in the Department who's job it is to fix bugs.  Maybe they all got fired due to the Cross Realm Zone debacle???  Regardless, someone at Blizzard had the power to royally mess up so someone should have the power to fix it and make things right by me instead of uncaringly allowing me to be jipped of an already difficult achievement.

What really gets me pissed is that I should have won fair and square.  Meanwhile you have people realm hoping through realid friends to exploit the system and win.  And the kicker is that they are successful at it!  The exploiters are running around with their Salty titles!  It's people like me who legitimately should have won that get screwed once and then twice by Blizzard's lack of caring or willingness to fix what they broke.  Talk about salt in a wound!  /sadface

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Quintessential Hunter Outfits

I have two new amazing transmogs to show off.  They both, IMO, capture the essense of a hunter.  Hope you like!

Forest Ranger:
It's not often that I hit transmog gold.  And so easily and effortlessly.  For a long time now I've loved the chest piece to this outfit but the creative juices just weren't flowing in a way that allowed me to incorporate it into anything decent. Until one night last week when the transmog stars were all aligned and this outfit came together practically on its own.

It took a little more time, and quite a bit of gold, to make happen.  It was worth it though.  I call it my Forest Ranger look.  It's busier than what I would normally do but somehow all the detailing manages to come across perfectly coordinated.  I'm so pleased with this one!

This outfit also inspired me to change Casanova's colors.  I'd been eyeing the beautiful soft green grey Croc skin for a while but it never really felt right to change him until I realized how cool he'd look in his new skin with my new outfit. I think they both go very well together.

Classic Hunter:
This outfit was inspired by a post on WoW Hunter's Hall that I saw earlier this year that designed transmogs based on comic book heroes.  I put my own touches to it in Mogit and finally got the items together.  I love this outfit.  It's sexy and oh so Huntery.