Monday, May 28, 2012

Distracted by Diablo

The saying goes, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em".  That's exactly what I've done with Diablo 3 lately.  Now, I consider myself sort of an imposter in the gaming community.  I'm not really a gamer at all.  WoW is the first game I've ever played.  I didn't really even play Super Mario Brothers :/.  But for some reason I really took to WoW, sucked at first, probably still suck just far less, but I kept at it, learned a lot, and have managed to turn it into quite the hobby.

My bf has tried to get me to play various games but the unfamiliar mechanics and WoW calling to me left me unwilling to really give them a shot.  About Diablo 3, however, he was adamant.  I would be playing this game and I would play it for longer than five minutes before I gave up and logged back onto the familiarity that is WoW.  I usually manage to get my way with him but on this he wasn't budging.

My first Diablo session was one of frustration and wondering how a game designer could be so stupid as to invent a mechanic like click to move.  Don't these people know anything at all??  The first big boss fight in Diablo was hard.  I couldn't figure out what I was doing.  So I logged off and tried to figure out a way to tell him I didn't like the game.  He was having none of it.  I logged back on but asked him to come observe and tell me what I was doing wrong.  He joins the party and being much higher level promptly kills the boss in a few seconds.  I was like, "umm now how will I know what I did wrong??"  Turns out you can go back and redo it.  I did, focused more on the adds, and whaddayaknow the boss was dead.

That gave me the confidence to try a bit more.  Turns out I'm actually not half bad at it and I've done everything on my own since then.  With some charity gear here and there given to me by my bf, of course.

I'm really loving Diablo and it has all the darkness that I wish was in WoW.  I love the cut scenes.  They're awesome.  I don't know how far I'll get, I'll at least finish it on normal and I've been told I'm going to finish the next level of difficulty as well (hell, I think it is?).  We'll see!  All in all I'm glad I was pushed out of my comfort zone and as a result I'm really enjoying it.

My only gripe is I can't zoom in and the screenshots suck so I'm not posting any.  It's just not that kind of game. But at least its fun and I don't totally suck at it!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Never Too Much Transmog

Things have been slow in WoW lately with H DS on farm, my bf and guildies unable to break themselves away from Diablo 3, and my Beta toon being stuck in some bugged instance server for the past three days. Perfect conditions to put together another transmog post!  So here goes:

I haven't held back when it comes to saying how I feel about two handed weapons.  I pretty much hate them. The obnoxious green glow over my shoulder and the fact that I don't see why a hunter would carry around such a cumbersome thing are what annoys most.  I can see us carrying a little dagger or even an axe or something but big bulky staves and polearms?  I think not!

One exception is Heroic Kiril, the polearm off HM Deathwing.  Not only is it gorgeously done but it's purple and doesn't show the agi enchant.  I love it!  Particularly when paired with Melmorta's Twilight Longbow and my favorite transmog outfit.   So pretty!

This outfit is one I've been favoring more and more lately.  It's the Marauder's set paired with the heroic version of Zod's Repeating Longbow that drops off Lady Deathwhisper in ICC.  I call it my sexy barbarian look.  If I had to wear a two hander with it the Charmed Cierge out of Naxx goes nicely with it.

This is my cliche Blood Elf outfit.  I had to have one.  It's a bit bright and ornate for me but every once in a while it's fun to wear.   This is one outfit that I actually matched to a polearm.  Flame Wrath dropped on a transmog run for the Molten Fists and so I actually ended up building this set around it.  I had mostly staves before H Kiril dropped so needed to start getting some polearm sets together.

I made this set specifically to match the Golden Bow of Quel'Danis.  I wanted something substantial but neutral enough to allow the bow to shine.   I really like how this set came out.  I like the Heroic Spire to match but I can't wait to be allowed to legitimately run around with just the bow equipped.  Actually pretty much any staff or polearm will look OK since the agi enchant's glow matches the extensions on the bow.


Several of my outfits are what you could call...a bit risque.  This is one of them.  It's based off the Merciless set with a few different pieces.  The bow off Normal Rag matches really well.  So does Tagmata.  :D

Another skimpy outfit.  I like the cool monotone feel to this set.  And the Needle Threader is a light bow that makes a nice change from the heavier more imposing weapons I usually wear.  The normal Lightening Rod works really well and it doesn't show the agi enchant.  Bonus!

One of my big transmog philosophies is that you can't go wrong with purple.  Purple outfit + purple pet = perfect.  The Njord set is the basis for this outfit but I changed a few pieces.  I really like this set and it looks decent with the H Kiril and Windrunner Bow.  I prefer it without the polearm but I can deal with it showing until MoP hits.  

In Progress (so wish me luck!!):  

This outfit is all about the boots!  I wanted a pair of big stompy boots and an outfit to go along with them.  I still need a couple pieces...including the boots...and D3 has put a crimp in my transmog runs but eventually it will be mine!!  And I love the bow with this get up too!

While farming for the above outfit, quite a few similar pieces dropped.  Only there were a different color.  I played around with Mogit and came up with this outfit.  Who would have though that pieces from Naxx, Dragon Soul, and BoT would all come together to match the Golden Bow of Quel'Thalis so well?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Beta Crew

I realize that a lot of my recent posts have been Beta related.  This is due in large part to having H DS on farm as well as the fact that I'm just loving the direction hunters are taking.  No one has ever accused me of not having an opinion, or of hesitating to express it, and if I disagree with a decision by Blizz I will speak my mind.  I do have to give them a huge amount of credit for what they are doing with hunters so far though.  We need a few tweaks here and there but the trajectory is good.  Amazing even and we all should be very happy.

K, got that out of the way.  Now on to the new pets who've joined my Beta stables.  Some are absolutely staying when Mop goes live.  Some are definitely Beta only pets.  Some are undecided.  But here are the new kids for now:

Nangara:  The first thing I do when MoP hits live will be to tame this tiger.  I've been eagerly anticipating seeing her by my side since her gorgeous model was released at Blizzcon last year.  I decided on her name a long time ago.  There is a real life tigress in Nepal called Nangara who has hunted people for over ten years now.  I watched a documentary on her and knew my future tiger had to have that name.  

Nangara is a Bamboo Huntress found in the Bamboo Wilds of the Jade Forest.  There are orange tigers all over but I had to have that particular type.  If you can't tell already the bond was instant.  Nangara is on track to take her place right up next to Dulcinea and Vixen as the Queens of my stable.

Rocksanne:  Technically not a new pet, but she is new to my stables.  Since cats lost their agi buff I needed a really good buff pet to deal with the epidemic of pre-made 85 monk gankers.  A shale spider with the Kings buff plus the ability to make her Ferocity was too good to pass up.  Surprisingly, I actually kind of adore her!  Squees and all!  Whether she makes it to live or not will depend on how the buffs are finalized but I'm enjoying her right now.

Sahar:  I love this gorgeous vision of black sleekness.  He is probably the most beautiful of the new MoP pets to me.  The bond was instant and he will definitely have a place in my live stables.

Boarboela:  I didn't want a porcupine.  Then I was like, "OK I'll try out a blue one" then along came this pocket pint of sassiness and got me hook, line, and sinker.  She's like my ferocious little lapdog.  Who's bite is a whole lot worse than her bark.  And she has an aoe stun!  LOVE!!  She is another definite for a live spot.

Guzou:  As statues go I think he's gorgeous.  As a pet?  I'm still working that out.  I'm trying to see him as an animated statue instead of actual beast and see if we can form a bond.  With a brez (hello!! we have a brez!) he may end up too useful not to have.  Time will tell what happens.

Kamehameha:  His grumpy little face reminds me of the statues of Hawaiian Kings and warriors I grew up seeing so I named him after one.  He has a stun that makes the target invulnerable to attack, sort of useless compared to other pet buffs, so Kam won't be hanging around for live.  But at least I have a tame basilisk for a while!

Stella:  10% spell power plus water walking??  Hello OP buffs!  I grew a lot more attached to her than I thought I would.  She is beautiful in an eerie and strange way.  I'm going to try out one of the new MoP water striders so am not sure if she will hang around but one of them will be.  Water walking and a sp buff is way too good not have in your stables.

Bukko:  His name is from the Old English word for He-Goat.  The cool thing about Bukko is that he may actually not be brown.  There's a bug that makes all goats in game appear brown and so maybe when it's fixed he'll change color?  He has the pvp attack speed slow debuff, same as tallstriders and foxes.  He is adorable but is a "maybe" once we know how the buffs and debuffs will be sorted out.  He sure is awesome though! :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Pretty Paoquan

While questing in the Valley of the Four winds I came upon a wonderful little gem called Paoquan Hollow.  It's tucked way back in the north western corner of the zone.  I can imagine it would be easily missed unless you have a quest guide you there.  I was instantly struck at how beautiful this secluded little area is.   Well, I'm so glad I found it.  It is now my favorite little spot in the entire MoP beta so far.

It's a lush bamboo filled valley thick with a hazy blue tinted mist.  Flowers in varying shades of pinks and purples dot the landscape.  There are adorable little Bandicoon families, a type of critter, running around everywhere.  The main quest hub is a charming little hut located on the banks of a lotus pond.  The ambiance invokes a feeling that is both eerie and calming at the same time.   It's simply gorgeous!  I don't think my screenshots do it justice so I encourage everyone to check out this place for yourself as soon as you can.