Friday, March 30, 2012

The Barrens The Beautiful

I've always loved The Barrens.  It's big skies, rocky peaks, and vast prairies remind me of the American West.   This post is my attempt at capturing some of this picturesque zone in screenshots.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Terrible Choice

...or is it even a choice I have to make at all??

Seeing as how I've been reevaluating a few of my stable slots my thoughts have naturally drifted towards choosing between pets I have multiples of.  I think I've worked out my double Core Hound issues nicely by placing Marama with my alt for now.  I will reevaluate my multiple cats once MoP hits and I finally get my orange tiger I've been drooling over since Blizcon.  Then there's White Lady and Daredevil who basically do the same things even though they're not technically duplicates.

The hardest decision of all right now is deciding whether to decide between my two Devilsaurs.  Well, actually it's deciding to decide if I'm going to release Badcop, my King Krush, as Vixen is going nowhere.  Yes, they are duplicates but their personalities are vastly different making this decision so tough.

Some pets have personalities that just pop out easily.  That are immediately and loudly apparent.  Savage, my Jormunger, had a personality that popped out right after taming.  So did Sancho Panza, my hyenna who's currently running the wilds of the Barrens right now.  My two Devilsaurs are excellent examples of this as well.  Badcop went from being the ferocious and fear inspiring King Krush to goofy, lighthearted, and silly the instant he was tamed.  Vixen is the polar opposite of Badcop.  She is ferocious, temperamental, jealous, and an all around hothead.  How can two nearly identical bunch of pixels be so different?

All this talk of the personality of pixelated pets has me wondering how I, as an educated, rational, logical person can wax on about my temperamental black devilsaur vs my goofy green one.  I don't know.  Maybe it's because I'm an animal lover so my brain is hardwired to be more in tune with them and that somehow translates into the way I think about my "fake" pets.  But it is what it is and right now deciding whether or not to keep both is killing me.

Typing out this post has helped me come to a non-decision decision.  I'm going to take my time making this one and not do anything too soon.  Straight as a spiral and clear as mud, right?  Sigh!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More New Additions

It seems that with MoP looming and me getting more into rated pvp a few changes were necessary and so my stable has gone through a bit of an overhaul lately.   I expect the upheaval to quiet down a bit and then pick back up once more news about buffs/debuffs and which pets are for sure tameable and which aren't with the new expansion's launch.  But for now, here is the latest:

Sammael:  I seem to have totally fallen for this old school Chimera model.  The unexpected click with Legionnaire on my alt made me want to try out this gorgeous brown beauty.  He matches Sesame nicely and will be a big help in Arenas with his aoe slow.

He is named after an Angel or Demon, depending on whose lore you believe, and I like that this double sided name fits nicely with my double-headed beast.  Even though I see Chimeras and other two headed beasts in WoW as one complete animal.

In order to make room for him I had to send Kapre, my gorilla, on vacation for a bit.  He is chilling back in Un'Goro crater while I figure out my stable comp during the lead up to MoP's launch.

Lorenzo and Marama:  I've heard monkey's are great pvp pets so I did a little switcharoo.  I took Lorenzo out of my alt's stable to come hang with my main for a while and sent Marama to chill on the Alliance side for now.  Lorenzo is adorable and while I'm not exactly sure how much I'll use him for pvp (seeing as how I'm BM for pvp), at least he's here now just in case.  He definitely has a spot in one of the two stables for sure!

The huge surprise was how awesome Marama and Laiala fit together!  I was totally prepared to be uneasy about sending Marama over there but one look at the two of them together and I'm thinking this may be the start of a good thing.  They look amazing together!

I kept Boss on Sesamee for now since he's kind of a pain to get to.  I want to see how the bond between them plays out and eventually I'll decide which core hound ends up where.