Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Baby's Big Post

OK so here's the big one!  The one where I post all screenshots, names, and the back-stories of my baby hunter's pets.  Her name being Laiala, I decided to go with an "L" theme for names.  I ended up with what I think are a bunch of awesome names!  

This being a new hunter and new pets, I can't say 100% if this is a permanent stable or not.  Obviously I like them all or they wouldn't be in my stable in the first place but time will tell how the bonds develop.   

I took these shots over several days while waiting in the ridiculously long dps dungeon ques.  They're all taken in and around Stormwind and all at night. I love the navy blue tone surrounding Stormwind during the evening hours.

Longe:  His body resembles a long whip so I named him after one.  A longe whip is used to direct horses...but don't worry it doesn't really hurt them, it's more of a communication tool.  It's pronounced like lunge.  I found this gorgeous guy in Sethekk Halls.  I knew from day one I wanted a gorgeous blue wind serpant and couldn't level fast enough to get to him.  He is definitely a favorite.  I love the detailing, the shading.  He's simply stunning.

Luger:  Named after a type of gun.  This deadly dude was one of my first pets on this toon.  I snatched him up out of Wailing Caverns.  I love his colors, his movements, his tounge flicks.  He's very animated and that brings a lot of personality.  Being a cunning pet, perfectly capbable of pullng dps to rival a ferocity pet, with an armor debuff I plan to take him to raids occasionally in place of a raptor.

Lhullier:  Named after a famous designer, this name was just to pretty not to be used in a stable with an L theme.  Pronounced LOO-lee-aye.  I found her in Zul'Drak while looking for Gondria.  She was patting in place of Gondria and was a total whim tame that I fully expected to release right away.  I thought I didn't like the hunch cats but the connection with this beauty was instant.  Her gorgeous purple tones are a beautiful match to my baby hunters dusky purple skin tone.

LiLing: Another whim tame that I totally fell for.  I just wanted to actually see a Nether Ray close up so I went out to Zangarmarsh and snagged this beauty.  Once getting a close up look I was amazed at how gorgeous she is.  I love her fierce face that manages to convey so much personality.  Her graceful gliding through the air.  She even retains her grace in combat but never at the expense of a good ass whooping!  I chose LiLing because it had such an interesting meaning, "plum tinkling of jade pendants".  Her tear shape reminds me of some types of pendants, she has shades of plum on her body, tinkling is a soft graceful sound...fitting for her soft graceful movements.  There really was no other name choice for her!  It's one of my favorite names. And she herself is fast becoming a favorite!

Lynx:  I've been missing my Warp Stalker, Nyx, on my main hunter quite a bit.  I just knew there was no other choice but Gazz for Laiala.  Immediately upon dinging 70 I began the process of taming her.  She is not the same Nyx but I feel like a little part of her is somewhere in there.  I find Warp Stalkers to be incredibly feline in their movements, their faces, and just in general.  She reminds me of a prowling stalking cat...always ready to pounce.  So I chose Lynx for this gorgeous girl.  I cannot wait until we can choose specs for our pets In MoP.  Lynx is going Ferocity all the way!!

Leilani:  A beautiful feminine name for a beautiful feminine Tallstrider. Tallstriders scream "girl" to me and what is more girly than a big pink one?  I originally planned to tame a purple one but I didn't want to wait until level 70 so I tamed her in the mean time.  But now I adore her and all her pink glory!

LeFey:  Named after Morgan LeFey, the legendary sorceress from the Arthurian legends.  What else for such an ethereal ghost cat?  I knew I wanted Gondria from day one.  Although I released her for Magria on my main hunter, she is a perfect fit with my alt.

Lerp:  Awww, my big herp derp 'a Lerp! LOL!  Jormungars to me have such a goofiness about them so I had to call him something silly.  My main hunters worm, Savage, is just as goofy but he has a more serious name.  I knew from the day I rolled this hunter that I would have a worm named Lerp.  They have such an endearing quality to them.  His gorgeous shades of sky and crystal blue are absolutely stunning.  Lerp definitely gives Savage some competition in the looks department!

Loaghaire:  WTH kind of name is this??  LOL, it's a Gaelic name pronounced LAY-ruh.  It's unusual but beautiful and fits this ancient old girl perfectly.  I love the WoW turtles and fell in love with this model.  The pink detailing is so pretty.   I snapped her up outside of Theramore at level 35ish and she's been with me ever since.

Legionnaire:  This is probably my favorite screenshot in this post.  I just love it!  I never thought I'd click with this model of chimera but I did.  I tamed Brumeran in Winterspring on a whim and it was one of those instant clicks.  This handsome yet unusual beast deserved a grand romantic name and Legionnaire was it!  I love the low throaty growls and his graceful wing flaps.  This guy is a definite favorite!  And I view him as one animal who happens to have two heads that work as one.  Like my two eyes see as one or my ears hear as one.

Lahja:  What a pretty name for such a pretty girl.  Lahja is a Finnish name meaning gift.  It sounds so pretty and feminine.  I found her in Un'Goro crater and I admit that she is somewhat still in the shadow of Vixen, my main hunter's irreplaceable black Devilsaur.  But I'm slowly coming around to see Lahja for being special in her own right and I'm becoming more and more attached.  It'll be interesting to see where this goes.

Lorenzo:  I tried a monkey on a whim after reading a Petopia post about them.  To my surprise this peculiar little guy really grew on me.  He has this perma-worried look on his face that makes me just want to scoop him up in my arms and tell him everything is gonna be OK.  I also like that he's very small.  It's a nice change from most of my other larger pets.  His name just came to me right after taming.  I have no idea why but it suits him.

Loucifer:  Who doesn't love Deth'tilac?  The toughest of the 4.2 challenge tames yet definitely worth it.  While I had to release him on Sesamee for the stable slot he is the perfect fit here on my alt.  He looks like he's made of crystal glass.  Both my spiders on this toon are named variations of Lucifer.  It means fallen from heaven and was initially another name for the Goddess Venus.  Somehow it became perverted to mean something ugly to some but I think "fallen from heaven" is the perfect description for my two leggy beauties!

LeeRoy:  I love pigs! They're smart, clean, and adorable!  I had to release my boar on Sesamee so this little guy here fills the void somewhat.  His squeals remind me of "Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy" so there really was no other name choice.  He's a badass tank and even though his bleed debuff isn't useful to me in my BM or SV specs, I'm not going to let a minor little detail like that keep him from my stables.  I love his noisiness, his idle animations, everything just squeals "cute"!  I snatched LeeRoy in the eact same spot my original boar came from on Sesamee.  Right outside Razor Hill, right smack in the middle of Horde territory.  I like to think I "stole" him from them!  :D

Loco:  While questing in Scholazar, I accidentally shot and killed a Horde player.  All my toons, besides this one, are Horde and that's where my true loyalty lies if push comes to shove so I avoided pvp or killing any Horde while leveling.  This incident gave me my one and only HK on this toon but was a total accident....I saw a red unit frame in the midst of all the mobs I was killing and shot too fast.  Loco was nearby and decided to seek vengeance for the slain Hordie by attacking me.  I thought that was too cool and could use that kind of spunk in my stable so I tamed him!  His name just popped into my head immediately after taming!  He's crazy in combat yet gentle otherwise.  I love Rhinos for their size and just all around impressiveness.

LaTif:  What could be cooler than a cat made of metal?  With fiery red eyes?  I knew from day one I was going to tame Skarr on this toon but I wasn't sure if it was going to stick.  Somehow he is so much more fitting on this toon than my main.  There is a lithe and simmering ferocity to him.  Intense yet controlled.  Whatever was missing between he and Sesamee isn't missing here.  It doesn't hurt that both he and Deth were up on my first jaunt into the Molten Front, the only two MF rares I wanted, and both tamed back to back.  Like it was meant to be?  His name means kind and gentle in Arabic.  I find "kind and gentle" to be a perfect description for cats in general....when their true predator instincts aren't out in full force.

Lucifara:  A feminized version of Lucifer.  I wanted to name my Skitterweb Matriarch this as soon as I made this toon.  Getting to level 13 seemed to take did the loooong trek inside Horde territory to tame her.  I think it took me over an hour to get there.  She is worth it though. I love the bone spiders, they are fragile yet terrifying looking.  Truly something out of a nightmare....someone else's nightmare!

Lakshmi:  Named after a Hindu deity.  I thought it was perfect for this reptilian gal.  I love her dark serious color that contrasts with the mischievous cheerfulness of her face.  I found her wandering among the Ogres in Blade's Edge Mountains and scooped her up as soon as I could.  Raptors are a very useful pet with their armor debuff.  I find now that I'm running 10m raids instead of 25's on my main I'm various pets, including my raptor, a lot more.  I don't know how into raiding I'll get on this toon but I'm sure Lakshmi will prove useful regardless!

Lebara:  A good friend of mine suggested this name for my L themed stable.  I wasn't sure which pet to give it to until I saw this gorgeous Worg.  She was being attacked by the stormwind guards outside of the Human starting zone.  I felt sorry for her so I tamed her right out from under him.  That guard can go find someother creature to slaughter!  Not my Labara!  She is the only Worg model available before Northrend.  I was fully prepared to have to wait until then but wandering around taking screenshots allowed me to stumble onto her.  It was awesome to be running around with a Northrend wolf model so early on.

Lucius:  I adore the WoW bears!  This gorgeous guy is one of my favorite pets.  His soft grey color and piercing red eyes make for an impressive beast.  He was one of the first pets I tamed and has been around ever since.  He came from the Dun Morogh, the icy homeland of the Dwarfs.  Of all my pets he has had the most dramatic "growth" in size from taming him at around lvl12ish to 85.  I love that my baby bear is all grown up now.  Lucius means "light" or "bright" and that is a perfect description for the bright snow covered hills where I first found him.

Liam:  Aww, my Liam!  He was the first pet I tamed at level 10.  I adore the sabercat model and he was the first one available for non-Night Elves so it was a no brainer.  I thought I might morph him into the black Sabercat but I fell too hard for his gorgeous spotted coat.  He is perfect as he is!  Liam means "strong protector".  Is there a more suiting name for a cat, the quintessential hunter pet?  Nope!

Lazarus:  What else could I name an undead bird in a stable with an L theme?  This bird is badass!  I love how he looks.  There's nothing "pretty" or "cute" about him.  He is right out of a horror movie or nightmare.  And I wouldn't have it any other way!

Laga:  Her name means Goddess of the springs.  I found her originally in the streams of Dustwallow marsh around level 30 or so.  But once I viewed this gorgoeous purple and pink model in Uldum, I knew THIS was the who Laga was meant to be.  This is probably the most tamed of all the new croc models but I don't care.  She is stunning and perfect!

Lhasani:  Hasani means handsome in Arabic.  I put an L in front of it because I really like the way it sounds.  It was too perfect for my big handsome lug not to make it fit with my L theme.  I adore gorillas and so having one on my alt was a given.  I can't wait until MoP to make him a ferocity pet..with an interrupt.  We'll be tearin' up the BG's!!

In case you're keeping track, yes, I have an open stable slot.  I'm saving this for Chromaggus.  So far I haven't been able to make a trip into BWL to tame him but I'm soo looking forward to that.  Once he is mine I'll definitely introduce him and his new name in a future post.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Tag To The Sixth Power

So apparently there's a fun game going around the blogosphere in which a blogger is "tagged" and is supposed to go in her sixth image folder, chose the sixth image, publish it on her blog, and then tag six other bloggers to do the same.  Lae over at World of Lae was kind enough to tag me and list my armory and blog in her Hunterstalker list.

I realized that I don't actually have six image folders (and that my images are in desperate need of organizing) so I just went into my main WoW image folder and chose the sixth image from there.  Llewelyn is the lucky dude who's photo just happened to be in that spot.  I took this photo to show off a new transmog set in a thread on MMO which is why it's cropped verytight and un-screenshot like.

Since I didn't have a sixth folder I then thought maybe I should do the 36th image as a way to add the extra element of six (6x6=36).  Turns out to be of Hercules and I taking Zodiac on a walk.  Whether he liked it or not!

Now I'm thinking why stop there?  Here's the sixth picture from the file I keep most of my Alliance hunter's shots in.  This is my baby hunter having to finish off a mob that came out of nowhere before she could tame the bear, which turned out to be her beloved Lucius:

I have a folder of favorite screenshots that rotate in a slideshow and serve as my screensaver.  Wouldn't you know it but Llewellyn was right smack in the sixth spot again.  This was when my hunter was still a new baby 85 and before I released, and since retamed, Sambas.  He was called Badcop then...and name now belonging to my King Krush.  Lots of backstory on a simple screenshot!

And finally here is a rough totally unedited shot from the folder where all my wow screenshots initially go. It's my warlock Dornsing on the trash before Ultraxion.  "Dornsing" is what we in my guild call afk'ing on trash pulls.  Affectionately named after a habitually Dornsing guildie guessed it.... Dorns!  <3 :D

If you are tagged you don't have to include all these screenshots, just the sixth image in your sixth image folder.  But since I can't seem to help bending the occasional rule I couldn't just stop there.  Here's a list of other hunter bloggers I tagged: (you don't even have to tag only hunters..just any other blogger..I just wanted to)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Mounts

Just a quick post to show off two new mounts I've recently acquired.  The first is the awesome new yellow flying dragon mount available from the Blizz store.  It's official name is Heart of the Aspects.  My amazing bf bought it for me.  The second is the mount that drops off the final Deathwing encounter in Dragon Soul called Blazing Drake.

Heart of the Aspects:  One of the coolest things about this mount is that it's a brand new skeleton and completely unlike any other WoW mount.  It's Asian theme is no doubt due to MoPs' impending release this year.

Blazing Drake:  The ironic thing about this mount is that it dropped, and I won it, the same day my boyfriend bought me Heart of the Aspects.  The decent thing to do would have been to pass it to him since he was kind enough to spend his real life money on a pixelized mount I had been drooling over.  But our guild has a policy that if you roll on and win a mount dropped by a raid boss you keep it.  You can't roll against other people who want the mount and then give it away or sell it to someone else in the raid.  So too bad so so sad for him!  It's all MINE!!  (hehe just kidding...I did actually feel bad...a little :P)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Crazy Cat Lady

I love cats.  Big ones, little ones, fat ones, thin ones.  I think cats are one of the most amazing creatures on the planet.  I have two of my own non-pixelated cats even.  This love for cats is no doubt what makes me keep quite of a few of the WoW cats.  They are, IMO, the quintessential hunter pet.  This independent ferocious predator working in tandem with their hunter pal.  I love it!

I spent some time taking each of my cats around to various zones, hanging out, and taking some screenshots.  They came out pretty nicely, if I must say so myself.

Of course, we start with Dulcinea.  My favorite cat in my favorite zone, Winterspring.

I took Llywelyn to The Barrens.  He looked awesome against the golden rocks and praries.  Very Lion Kingesque!

I thought the dark rocky zone of Deepholme would highlight Freyja perfectly.  She showed up beautifully against the midnight background.  And the first shot of her is one of my favorite screenshots ever.  I call it "Big Kitty Yawn" lol!

Finally, my special boy, Jameel.  I wanted to take shots of my gorgeous spirit snow leopard against a snowy background.  Zul'Drak was perfect as parts of it are snowy but it has that gorgeous colorful night sky.

And I can't leave out my newest cats, those on my Draenei Hunter alt.

First up is LaTif, who looks great against the fiery background of the Badlands.  A badass zone for a badass cat!

This is Liam.  We ended up in Elwynn Forest.  It was dreary and rainy but it added a certain charm to the atmosphere.

LeFey's photoshoot took place in Desolace.  I rarely visit the zone and thought the contrast between an ethereal translucent spirit beast would look nice in the lighting there and against the harsh desert areas of the zone.

Finally we have Lluillier on Bloodmyst Isle.  Another zone I rarely go to but the colors looked gorgeous and complemented her beautifully.