Saturday, January 28, 2012

I changed my mind

In my previous post where I introduced my new Alliance hunter I stated that I was keeping her in her "noob gear" and not going to transmog until 85.  Yeah, that lasted until about lvl 30ish when I got tired of looking at her mismatched outfit.  I can't have my toons running around looking like a scrub when an excellent alternative is available.

She has two outfits so far and I'm working on a few more.  I'll update in more detail about her journey to 85, her pets, and of course her outfits in a later post.  But as of this post she's lvl 69 and has just gained the Beast Mastery ability to tame exotic pets.  Yay!  My first one was of course a Devilsaur.  I also have a Silithid and a Chimera.  Not sure if the Chimera is staying yet or not.  Here's a few screenshots until I make up a proper post:

Friday, January 20, 2012

Touring Tol'Barad

I decided to take some of the gang to Tol'Barad to do some dailies.  It made for some great screenshots and was a lot of fun.  It gave me a chance to practice taking combat shots.  They're a lot more difficult than you'd imagine.

Aranea and I ready to set out

She makes quick work of her fellow Arachnids

Trophies on either side make a gruesome yet satisfying victory :D

ChaCha always seems to look good in any background.  She is gorgeous! 

The ghost is toast once ChaCha gets ahold of it!

Here she gets a little helping hand ala Mend Pet so she can keep on kickin' ass and takin' names!

It had been a while since Muffet had seen any action so it was nice to spend time with her.  Killing things is quite a good bonding experience between a hunter and her Tallstrider, lol.

Figuring out our next move!

We figured it out.  It was kill more stuff!

"Oh, a fish?  Don't mind if I do!"

My pretty girl!

Hercules, the new kid on the block, came along for the fun.  

He showed he can hang with the best of 'em!  Pirate Schmirate!

Posing next to a pretty green crab.  I'm surprised I don't have one of these as a pet!

Vixen, stunning as ever.  And antsy to get started!

Calm before the storm...


Kickin' back and lettin' my girl do the work!

She will occasionally indulge in a little bit of gloating after a particularly satisfying kill.

"Don't make me angry"
 "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry"

"Told ya so!"

Vixen got the majority of shots that day.  Somehow she always seem to manage that, devious Devilsaur that she is.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

My New Baby Hunter

Meet Laiala, my new Draenei baby hunter.  Pronounced like Lila but with a more creative use of spelling.  I'm so excited about my new adventure on a brand new toon with a brand new faction.  Being very unfamiliar with the Alliance side of the game, as all my other toons are Horde, this will open up a whole other side of WoW to me. 

Now, a few months ago I made a Worgen Hunter but lost interest and never got her past lvl 30ish.  Things are feeling very different this time though and I'm totally clicking with this toon.  So every so often Laiala will nose in on Sesamee's blog and steal some of the spot light.  

One of the things I look forward to most on this toon is taming Deth'tilac.  He will go splendidly with her dusky purple skin tone.  And Gondria!  A must have.  Maybe several of the pets I adore but weren't quite right with Sesamee with work with Laiala.  We'll see!  One thing's for sure, all Laiala's pets will begin with the letter L.  Should be fun to see what names I come up with along the way.  

As far as transmog goes, even though I'm a total nut about it, I'm going to leave her in her gear as is until she hits 85.  I find something charming about looking back over screenshots of my toons as their "noob gear" changes over time.  

On to the screenshots of the pets I have on her so far.  I love how cute and tiny they look at this level.  Like little babies! :)

Liam:  A Gaelic name meaning strong protector.  I love it and it's perfect for a cat, the quintessential hunter pet.  Liam's current model is Ghoststalker but he may "graduate" to this black saber cat look when at the appropriate level.  But for now I'm loving his glowy white spottedness!  

Lucius:  I love cats and bears so you know they were the first two pets I had to get on Laiala.  I chose the gorgeous smokey blue model for her.  It matches perfectly with her shady skin tone.  Lucius means Light in Latin and I found him in the bright snow covered forest of Dun Morgh.  I have a feeling Lucius and Laiala will develop as tight of a bond as Sesamee has with her White Lady.   

Lucifara:  Derived from the name Lucifer.  A name that everyone has come to think means the Devil, actually originated as another name for the Goddess Venus.  It means "fallen from Heaven".  I'm not sure how it became twisted to mean something ugly when it's a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning.  I feminized it to fit my gorgeous bone spider.  I've also included some shots of the loooong trek I had as a level 15 baby toon to her cave in Silverpine Forest, right smack in the heart of Horde territory!  She's worth it though.  I adore all the bone spiders but this is my favorite of them all.

Another thing I'm absolutely thrilled about is the Draenei mount.  A freakin' Elekk!! One of my favorite beasts in the game that are, unfortunately, untameable.  You know how most hunters cry over Hydras??  I yearn for an Elekk by my side but for now I will be content with my big gorgeous mount form.  I didn't even know it was the racial mount for Draenei.  What a wonderful surprise!

A random shot of one of the Alliance taxi mounts.  There's so much to experience on this side of the game.  Everything is new!  I will be sure to update this blog on my experiences on "the dark side" lol!