Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Art of War Pt. 1

It's been a while since I've done a blog post so I figure it's time.  I got all the Pandaria tames I wanted relatively quickly which turns out to be a good thing seeing as how Pet Battles have totally sucked me in so I've been spending the vast majority of my WoW time either battling, leveling, collecting, or searching for the perfect breed of the perfect pet in the perfect color of the perfect gender.  Yes, it's that bad, lol!

Yesterday I got my achievement for getting 75 pets to 25 so I plan to take a breather for now and concentrate back on dailies, more pvp (both for my toon and pet battles), and getting Exalted with the factions.  I also have some ideas for upcoming posts so stay tuned.  Today though I'd like to make up a general post with what is hopefully some useful information about how to pet battle and how to level your pets efficiently.  Here goes:

Counters: A counter is a pet that either does more damage to or takes less damage from another.  This is the most important thing to know when choosing pets and matching your pets against your opponents.  You never want to go up against one of your counters if you can possibly help it.

I made up a chart on a piece of paper from the information in the in-game tooltip and I keep it on my desk right beside me.  This way I can see at a glance not only what counters my pet but what my pet counters as well.  Hopefully this will be a handy reference tool for you.

The first line is what families a pet takes more or less damage from, the second is the families they do more or less damage to.  So a Humanoid takes more damage from Undead, less damage from Critters, does more damage to Dragonkin and does less damage to Beasts.

Takes more/less damage from:  +Undead  -Critter       
Does more/less damage to:  +Dragonkin  -Beast 

+Humanoid  -Flyers         
+Magic -Undead  

+Magic  -Beast
+Aquatic  -Dragonkin 

+Critter  -Dragonkin
+Humanoid  -Aquatics

+Beasts  -Elemental
+Undead  -Humanoid

+Dragonkin  -Aquatic
+Flyers  -Mechanical

+Aquatic  -Mechanical
+Mechanical  -Critter

+Mechanical  -Humanoid
+Critter  -Flying

+Flyers  -Undead
+Elementals  -Magic     

+Elemental  - Magic
+Beast  -Elemental

**Remember a given family will take more or less damage from the abilities not the family the opposing pet belongs to.  So know your enemy!  For example, undead abilities do less damage to aquatics but a Blighthawk is an undead with two attack moves that are flying so they will actually do more damage to Aquatics.  Keep this in mind before you put your crab against that Blighthawk thinking you've got this in the bag!**

**Also note that Elementals do more damage to and take less damage from Mechanicals.  They are unique in that they hard and soft counter the same family.  On the other hand it means that unless a Mechanical is facing a pet with Elemental abilities it is safe from being countered.**

Family Favorites:  These are my favorites from each family based on my experience so far.
Humanoid: Flayer Youngling and Pandaren Monk
Dragonkin: Sprite Darter Hatchling and Spawn of Onyxia
Flying: Pterrordax Hatchling, Moth, and Brilliant Kaliri
Undead: Blighthawk, Restless Shadeling and Spirit Crab
Critter:  Rabbit and Rapana Whelk
Magic: Disgusting Oozeling and Nordrassil Whisp
Elemental: Fel Flame and Lil' Rag
Beast: Widow Spiderling, Molten Hatchling, and Nightsaber Cub
Aquatic: Magical Crawdad, Emperor Crab, and Mirror Strider
Mechanical: Darkmoon Tonk, Darkmoon Zeppelin, and Robo-Chick

Leveling:  When starting from scratch the best pets to level will be a Mechanical, Beast, Flyer, and Magic.  This is because they are hard counters to Beasts, Critters, Aquatics, and Flyers, the vast majority of pets you will come across out in the world.

Once you have 3 or 4 level 25's you can use them to power level your lowbie pets.  This technique consists of letting your high level pet do most of the work while the lowbie pet comes in for one round just to get the xp.  If you can manage to kill off the high pet and leave the lowbie as the last one alive that has entered battle then the lowbie gets even more xp.

My favorite leveling team is the lowbie pet, a Pterrordax Hatchling, and the Darkmoon Zep.  The Pterrordax Hatchling has a heal, a dodge/high damage combo move, and so can last forever in between battles without having to run to a stable master to heal or use up your 8m cooldown.  The Darkmoon Zep has an ability called Explode which kills the enemy and the zeppelin giving all the xp to the lowbie pet.  Basically just send your lowbie in for one round, let the zeppelin kill off the rest of the pets then itself.  Easy peasy!  The Infested Bear Cub also has this move so is another one to consider although it is undead so will be weak against all the critters out there if they're at or near his level.

Once you've reached the Pandaria Trainers you can use two strong pets against them while allowing a lowbie pet in the fight for the huge xp bonus you get from trainers.  As of now after defeating them you can abandon the quest, reaquire it, fight, get xp, abandon, reaquire, fight, get xp, and so on and so forth. Only the Pandaria trainers allow you to do this.  If you have a good team this can be a fast way to level pets, but only with the right team!  More on this in a future post!

There is so much to learn about pet battles so I'll be doing several Art of War posts including tactics for beating the final Outland and Northrend trainers, all the Pandaria trainers, and breed information.  Stay tuned and Happy Hunting!  :)


  1. Holy cow, 75 pets to max level? I have a way to go yet. Great tips on the pets though, I'll keep your 'favourites' list in mind when I level the rest of mine up.

  2. I started today, about time I guess. :) Going with the hopling, disgusting oozeling and the fox kit. Really like the gathering aspect of it... Gonna get so addicted. xD

    Thanks for article, I look forward to the next ones!