Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Two Favorite MoP Mounts (and how to get them)

At least they're my two favorite so far!  I'm so thrilled and am having a blast on them!

First up is the Red Flying Cloud.  You can purchase it for around 400 gold once you become exalted with the Lorewalkers.  As far as reputation grinds go this one is fast but very different from the usual.  You can do it in a few hours with a flying mount and a little studying.

Basically you fly around Pandaria and visit various monuments.  Completing certain groups of monuments reward you with an achievement which in turns gives you Lorewalker rep.  Additionally after you complete each achievement you get a quest to turn in which also rewards rep.  This YouTube video was indispensable   Whoever made it, thanks so much!   You might want to check out the Wowhead page about this faction too.

I love this mount!  It's the one I wanted most and of all the new mounts I was most excited about this one.  It did not disappoint!

Next up is the Sapphire Panther.  It's made by Jewelcrafters who have reached Revered with the Order of the Cloud Serpent.   Basically just do dailies and if you want you can look for Cloud Serpent Eggs to turn in for rep.  They spawn all over the Windward Isle.  It's like the Netherwing mount grind!

There are five total JCing mounts.  Sapphire, Ruby, Jade, Sunstone, and the Jeweled Onyx.  The last of which uses the first four as reagents.  At the time of this posting I don't know if you can have the them learned and still use them to create the Onyx panther or if they need to be intact inside your bags.  Probably the latter, unfortunately.

These mounts come with a pretty price.  Mats on my server are around 25-30k right now including the very expensive Orb of Mystery which commands a whopping 18k at the vendor.  We're looking at at least 100k to make that Onyx panther.

When these mounts were first data mined I wasn't impressed.  I thought they looked gaudy and too colorful.  Seeing them in game my mind is totally changed.  They are gorgeous!  I love each one and eventually will have all five.  That's a LOT of gold as I have to make four as mats for the one plus an extra four to ride.  My poor little lvl 1 bank toon is gonna be a busy girl!

For now I'm enjoying this gorgeous sleek blue cat.  He's so beautiful I can't get enough of looking at him!  I hope these screenshots do him justice.  This may be the first mount I ever name!  I like him that much.

The next mount I'm really excited about is my Azure Cloud Serpent.  I love the dailies in which you basically raise your mount from hatchling to full grown adult.  Mine is a teenager right now!  I can't wait!!


  1. I didn't know the JCing ones flew! Now I want one even more - best get on with making more money, heh.

    Congratulations! They are both really cool mounts!

    1. Yeah, gotta bust my butt to make gold. It's gonna be a while though as I don't like going below a certain amount. I'm going to try to save up and them make them all at once. And a green one for my man! :D

  2. Babe you gotta make it an extra 5 cause i want a green one!

  3. They happen to be a couple of my favourite mounts too. Love the shots :)