Monday, October 1, 2012

ImPortent Announcement!

You know how sometimes you just get lucky and stumble onto a good thing?  Well that's what happened to me this afternoon.  I literally stumbled onto the navy colored Portent.  The color I've been eyeing since they were first data mined!

It all started when I was flying around taking screenshots and getting ready to make a post about my new Red Flying Cloud, the MoP mount I've been most looking forward to.  Now, when I take screenshots I hit Atl-Z to hide my interface so I have a nice smooth uncluttered shot.  The problem is that my Mount/Dismount key is plain ol' Z :/.  This keybind set up has lead to countless deaths from dismounting by accidentally hitting the Z key mid flight.  I've tried to train myself to learn a new mount keybind but ultimately decided that dealing with a few deaths is just easier.

Anyways, I fat fingered the Z key yet again but this time got lucky and ended up at 10% health.  I look down to find I literally landed right on top of a Portent track.  Then right in front of me another one spawns.  Holy crap he was close!!  I land a lucky flare and catch a glimpse but in my moment of "OMG PORTENT!!!" I couldn't manage to do something as simple as get Mark up on him and he vanishes.  

And of course not only did I land right smack on a Portent track but also right smack in the middle of all those Skoll look alike wolves.  A few health pots, Deterrences, and Feign Deaths later I manage to mount up and begin the hunt for the tracks again.  I found them not far away and had no trouble flaring him out again.  Only this time the trouble was that somehow with all the rares I tamed on Beta I never followed them for any length of time so didn't realize that you have to actually have them aggro'd and attacking you in your flare to tame them.  This time I marked Portent and followed him a ways to a safe taming spot and he just flat out ignored me when I did attempt a tame without flaring.  Somehow in the haze of my taming adrenaline rush/freak out I managed to get a flare down, he aggro'd, and then a few seconds later was mine.  Whew!

The ending to this story is a happy one.  I absolutely adore him!  I never found this color on Beta so was unsure if I'd like the reddish highlights but I do.  The instant I saw him beside me I realized that this was Guzou.  The color I had planned for him all along turned out to be the one.  I really thought for a while I was going to go with the unadorned purple or navy as they are gorgeous but there is no question now that Guzou was meant to be Portent.  It just all clicked and fit.  No agonizing, no decisions.  It's just how it should be.  

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