Sunday, October 7, 2012

Here Comes Hideo

I first fell for Hideo when he was one of the many pink cranes scattered around the Jade Forest on Beta.  His big bright pinkness just grabbed me and there was an instant connection.  However, as beautiful as he was, a black crane *should* have matched my toon much better.  I wasn't supposed to be running around with a giant pink bird. So I tamed a black one and tried to bond.  As gorgeous as the black cranes are it just wasn't the same.

Sooner or later the inevitable was accepted and I retamed my pink beauty.  And never looked back.  Several months later I found out he was destined to be Patrannache, one of the new MoP rares.  Figures!  And he is known to be the most difficult to find with his long windy path, teeny tiny tracks, and the fact that they blend into the surrounding ground so easily.  All this when he even deigns to drop tracks at all for eager hunters to find.

Despite the challenges I managed to find him a lot faster than I thought I would.  After a couple unsuccessful hunts one night it all came together.  I tracked him for over an hour and a half losing and refinding them along the way.  I almost gave up more than once.   The third time was the charm in this case....that and persistence!

This time near the southern part of his path tracks kept consistently appearing and I knew he was close.  After a few missed flares I finally managed to land one just ahead of him and he walked right into it.  The lesson from Portent's tame firmly learned, I had Mark on my bars ready to go.  It was a flawless symphony of flare, mark, flare again to aggro, tame!  He was mine.  Finally for real and not just on Beta!

I named him DragQween originally as a fun shout out to his flamboyant fabulousness but over time as I got to know him on Beta it became clear that the name didn't fit his short-tempered, fierce, yet affectionate personality at all.  I ended up choosing Hideo which means "splendid man" in Japanese.  I love the way the name sounds and it acknowledges his stunning looks while avoiding anything too kitschy or cutesy pie.

Needless to say I adore him and it's like we picked up just where we left off on Beta.  I love having him out with me and I don't even care that he's not the typical type or color I would choose.  That makes him even more special, IMO. I'm looking forward to lots of fun and adventures with this guy.


  1. Grats. The cranes are one of the more pressing reasons behind my decision to level both a Panda (so I can get the jade crane pet) and my hunter to 90. They are really eye catching.

  2. I love it when a pet just "clicks" with you. Congratulations!