Sunday, October 14, 2012

Azure Cloud Serpent

I finally got my cloud serpent.  I chose the Azure color as I love the blue tinged with purple.  I have the other two colors too but this one is my favorite.  He's gorgeous and I had so much fun riding around taking screenshots.  The dailies were a lot of fun and the concept of raising your own mount was a big hit with me.  I'd love it if that could somehow be translated into Hunters raising our own pet.  Here's hoping! (If you look close you can see Auria, my little Pterrodaxx Hatchling tagging along in some of the shots :D)


  1. You always take such beautiful screenshots! Congratulations on your new mount! He is gorgeous!

  2. -thumbs up- ^^ gorgeous shots there, I love the areas you decided to pick to fly through :D

  3. I also chose to raise an azure hatchling. :)

    Love your idea of raising the pets!