Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Evolution of a Guzou

Guzou is a Japanese word for statue.  The perfect name for my Quilen, one of the new pet families that will be available in MoP.  I originally had a hard time thinking of something so inanimate looking as a pet but it didn't take long for that to be nothing more than a minor detail that in no way shape or form stopped me from becoming incredibly attached to this guy.

Quilen surely must take the cake for most messed with hunter pet ever.  Guzou started out with the same skeleton that Worgs have.  It made him look very stoic and proud if a maybe a little bit stiff and with some clipping issues.  Still, a skeleton and look I really liked.  Initially Quilen only came in the grey color.  Thinking of him as my very own pet statue come to life eventually seemed so natural and helped endear him to me.

One Beta patch later and Guzou was changed to the cat skeleton....and with a quirk of coincidence just happened to perfectly match my current Beta transmog set.  While this color is probably the least of my favorite for the Quilen that little accident of fate caused him to worm his way a little deeper into my heart.

What was not endearing, however, was a Quilen on a cat skeleton.  For one, no matter how crazy I am about the WoW cats, the last thing we need is another cat-like creature.  Quilen had the potential to be awesome but they needed to be their own unique thing.  Add in some terrible clipping issues, an ugly domed bobble head, and an awkwardly painful stance when they stretched and yawn and yeah, Guzou was one hot mess for a while:

The devs at Blizz apparently agreed with the outcry from the hunter community and a they gave the Quilen a brand new skeleton.  There were still some issues but a subsequent patch fixed the most egregious ones.  My personal worst being the bobble head thing they did when they turned their heads.  It was painful to watch but thankfully is no longer an issue.

Something was still a bit "off" for me and so I decided to try out a new color for Guzou.  Naturally I gravitated towards the purple and I have to say I'm loving it!  It was like an instant "ahhhh" and it fit him so well.  I love the purple stripes down his back too.

At this point I'm pretty happy with the model.  My only gripes are the awkwardly large looking left front leg, a minor tail clipping issue, and I wish his mane looked more full and came down his forehead a bit.  It seems like a decently long list but compared to the mess he was before he is actually much improved.

Guzou's evolution is not finished however.  I suspect he will still get a few tweaks from the devs and I'm going to try out some new colors as they become available on Beta but I have a feeling he will end up back in his original grey stone statue form.  There's just something about the whole "animated statue" thing that really got to me.   More updates on the evolution of my Guzou are sure to follow....


  1. Wow, that's a HUGE difference from start to now! I like the purple one that you found. :) Perhaps even I will get tempted...

  2. They have a way of growing on you! I'm loving his purple skin too but I'm anxious to find a tameable grey stone statue and try that out on him too. :)

  3. Wow they look great! I will def have to grab one of these bad boys when I start raid testing :)

    1. They do! The brez is a pretty fun ability too. Although I've never used it, lmao!

  4. Hi!
    I just found your site and I love it. Gorgeous pics and gorgeous transmogs!!!