Monday, May 21, 2012

Never Too Much Transmog

Things have been slow in WoW lately with H DS on farm, my bf and guildies unable to break themselves away from Diablo 3, and my Beta toon being stuck in some bugged instance server for the past three days. Perfect conditions to put together another transmog post!  So here goes:

I haven't held back when it comes to saying how I feel about two handed weapons.  I pretty much hate them. The obnoxious green glow over my shoulder and the fact that I don't see why a hunter would carry around such a cumbersome thing are what annoys most.  I can see us carrying a little dagger or even an axe or something but big bulky staves and polearms?  I think not!

One exception is Heroic Kiril, the polearm off HM Deathwing.  Not only is it gorgeously done but it's purple and doesn't show the agi enchant.  I love it!  Particularly when paired with Melmorta's Twilight Longbow and my favorite transmog outfit.   So pretty!

This outfit is one I've been favoring more and more lately.  It's the Marauder's set paired with the heroic version of Zod's Repeating Longbow that drops off Lady Deathwhisper in ICC.  I call it my sexy barbarian look.  If I had to wear a two hander with it the Charmed Cierge out of Naxx goes nicely with it.

This is my cliche Blood Elf outfit.  I had to have one.  It's a bit bright and ornate for me but every once in a while it's fun to wear.   This is one outfit that I actually matched to a polearm.  Flame Wrath dropped on a transmog run for the Molten Fists and so I actually ended up building this set around it.  I had mostly staves before H Kiril dropped so needed to start getting some polearm sets together.

I made this set specifically to match the Golden Bow of Quel'Danis.  I wanted something substantial but neutral enough to allow the bow to shine.   I really like how this set came out.  I like the Heroic Spire to match but I can't wait to be allowed to legitimately run around with just the bow equipped.  Actually pretty much any staff or polearm will look OK since the agi enchant's glow matches the extensions on the bow.


Several of my outfits are what you could call...a bit risque.  This is one of them.  It's based off the Merciless set with a few different pieces.  The bow off Normal Rag matches really well.  So does Tagmata.  :D

Another skimpy outfit.  I like the cool monotone feel to this set.  And the Needle Threader is a light bow that makes a nice change from the heavier more imposing weapons I usually wear.  The normal Lightening Rod works really well and it doesn't show the agi enchant.  Bonus!

One of my big transmog philosophies is that you can't go wrong with purple.  Purple outfit + purple pet = perfect.  The Njord set is the basis for this outfit but I changed a few pieces.  I really like this set and it looks decent with the H Kiril and Windrunner Bow.  I prefer it without the polearm but I can deal with it showing until MoP hits.  

In Progress (so wish me luck!!):  

This outfit is all about the boots!  I wanted a pair of big stompy boots and an outfit to go along with them.  I still need a couple pieces...including the boots...and D3 has put a crimp in my transmog runs but eventually it will be mine!!  And I love the bow with this get up too!

While farming for the above outfit, quite a few similar pieces dropped.  Only there were a different color.  I played around with Mogit and came up with this outfit.  Who would have though that pieces from Naxx, Dragon Soul, and BoT would all come together to match the Golden Bow of Quel'Thalis so well?


  1. I really like the grey and red one you're working on. :) If I'm not completely wrong it's from the ICC 5mans? I collected the blue pieces from there a while back, planning a blue set (I love blue and purple). I got all the pieces I wanted, but they're in the bank now, don't really know what happened to my plan. :)

    I get very motivated by all your cool sets! But when I try the same ones on Lae in MogIt or ModelViewer "a little skimpy" suddenly turns to "super skimpy"! Perhaps because of the draenei curves? I'm completely addicted to goggles right now though, so I need something that goes with them. xD

    Right now I have removed my reforge (got tired of Riftstalker) and giving tier 13 some time in the sun for a week or two. :) Even changed my hair colour, I wonder how long that will last. xD

    Did you see tier 14 yet btw? I kind of liked it, especially the green version. But I hope they give a lot of new random gear and dungeon sets so that we can mix up things even more. A lot of hunters feel a bit limited with the "mail" look, when they kind of wish for a leather look. Let's hope they listen. :)

    Awsome pictures as always Sesamee! <3

  2. TY, Lae <3! The boots drop off Malygos 25N....supposedly, lmao! The rest of the pieces, including the bow are out of ICC, some are 10 some are 25. The belt is from the Regenade set. I need the boots and gloves but haven't been able to do a Naxx run since everyone's playing Diablo 3. One day though!

    I love what you do with the goggles. I originally wasn't a huge fan of them but you make them look cute!

  3. Oh and yeah, I'm not crazy about T14. I like the black color of the first set but the shoulders are awful, IMO, and the horns are just kinda meh. I just have a thing about mismatched shoulders, lol.

  4. Oh wow, I realised I have the boots from your black/red-set! So perhaps I'll try gather this as well. :) Was thinking of adding Coilfang Needler, although the red in the crossbow is of a different nuance. I'll see. :)