Wednesday, April 25, 2012


OK so this post has nothing to do with hunters but it's my blog so I can do whatever I want, right?  I'm posting this because my former warlock main finally got her legendary!!  I'm so excited.  I was first in line in my old guild then we transferred to a very large guild, I got bumped waay down the line, hit a wall of extended lock outs on heroic Rag, stopped raiding FL, DS hit, switched mains, etc etc.  Suffice it to say that my legendary progression got put on the back burner!  Not anymore though!  I finally got it tonight!  It's so amazing and I felt like I sort of "owed' it to my warlock who had been my main for years.  Now, of course, the Heroic Hagara staff we haven't ever seen will drop this week in our alt run.  Just watch! :P



  1. Grats so much. :-) I love that event! A player in our second raid team got it Saturday, so I got to be there and see the whole thing again. :-)


  2. Ooh please tell me more about those it an event a mount or what?

    i saw this thing in Stormwind the other night but i couldn't figure out what is was....

    i love your blog and i think it's so nice that you blog about being a Hunter :)

    keep up the good writing :)

  3. Hi Ladydragon! The scene in the screenshots is part of the last quest in a series of them leading up to getting the caster Legendary staff Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest. It takes months to get and each person getting one gets their own little hoopla in Org or Stormwind with all the blue dragons you see. Hope that explained it. Here's a link to read more if you want:

  4. In case I didn't answer properly, the big translucent dragon is Taracgosa, a central figure in the quest line and the character the Legendary is named after. The legendary staff also turns players into a blue dragon Taracgosa look alike and allows them to fly, which I took a some shots of. The first shot is of my warlock transformed into the dragon underneath Taracgosa.