Friday, April 27, 2012

Jade Forest: Screenshots and Pet Locations

Last night I finally got the gumption to do some exploring around the Beta.  After finally getting my invite in the last wave of annual pass holders I've been unable to log in due to errors.  We cleared DS in one night so instead of raiding I had time to figure out how to fix the errors and after an hour or two was able to log in.  So my boyfriend, Dulcinea, and I went wandering around the Jade Forest.  Beta was really buggy, many crashes, critical errors, glitches, and some screenshots didn't take but here is what I managed to find so far.  Remember, this is Beta so everything is subject to change at any time.

***10/1/2012 Edit:  This post has gotten a lot hits since MoP's release so I'd like to direct you all to a post on the Petopia forums that can give you updated information on all the pets found in the Jade Forest:  For information about all the new tameable pets and where to find them there's no place better than Petopia: ***

Black Crane (tameable):  In the zone I found black, red, and pink cranes tameable.  Green and white cranes are here but are listed as untameable still.

Jade Panther (not tameable atm):

Blue Porcupine (tameable, classified as a boar according to Beast Lore):  I found blue and white porcupines so far but I think other colors can be found here as well.

Maroon (red) Crane (tameable):

Cloud Serpent Vendor (not tameable :P):

White Crane (not tameable):

Pink Crane (tameable):

Brown Tiger (tameable):

White Porcupine (tameable):

Orange Tiger (tameable, these are found all over the zone):  I love this model!  Petopia has one listed as Bamboo Huntress and for some reason I have my heart set on finding that particular type of orange tiger.  I didn't find any, nor did I find a Bamboo forest where they're supposed to be after an hour of searching the zone.  I did find a Forest Huntress model though that isn't listed in Petopia.  Maybe the two are the same?  I want to name my new tiger Nangara so next time I'm on I'm going to try to find either huntress and Nangara will be mine!  I also found the red and black tigers in this zone but the screenshots unfortunately didn't take.  I think that makes all colors of tigers known so far tameable and located in the Jade Forest.

Blue and Green Turtle (Petopia lists other colors in this zone but I could only fine this one):  I think this is a really pretty model.  I originally wanted the red and blue turtle but haven't been able to find it.  I also think the the brown colored turtle is really pretty in a quiet subdued way but, again, I haven't seen it yet on Beta.  I went ahead and tamed this guy though and named him Superman.  I just seemed to fit!  Superman may or may not go through a few transformations once I find the other colors.  I do like the data mined look to these turtles much better than what is found on Beta servers atm.  They're more detailed, spikier, and they have webbed tails and feet that the live models don't have.  I hope this gets fixed!

Data mined model:

Random Screenshots:


  1. Beautiful pictures Sesamee! Love those orange trees in two of the pictures. It's details like that that I don't notice so well when I play in the current game, even though beautiful landscapes are all around us. But when I see the screenshots, I sometimes wonder if I'm blind when I'm in-game. :) Right now the porcupines and the new tigers tempt me the most I must say. :) The entire MOP-launch will mean an explosion in things to do when one logs in. I can hardly wait.


  2. Thanks, Lae! I'm not really feeling the porcupines, to be honest. They just don't seem very much like ferocious battle companions. I thought they'd be mini pets when they were first data mined. I looove the tigers. They have a few flaws but I can easily overlook them because they're so awesome. The only thing is that the cat agi/str buff is gone. I hope they replace it with something important or that means cats are pretty much obsolete as hunter pets.

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