Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Terrible Choice

...or is it even a choice I have to make at all??

Seeing as how I've been reevaluating a few of my stable slots my thoughts have naturally drifted towards choosing between pets I have multiples of.  I think I've worked out my double Core Hound issues nicely by placing Marama with my alt for now.  I will reevaluate my multiple cats once MoP hits and I finally get my orange tiger I've been drooling over since Blizcon.  Then there's White Lady and Daredevil who basically do the same things even though they're not technically duplicates.

The hardest decision of all right now is deciding whether to decide between my two Devilsaurs.  Well, actually it's deciding to decide if I'm going to release Badcop, my King Krush, as Vixen is going nowhere.  Yes, they are duplicates but their personalities are vastly different making this decision so tough.

Some pets have personalities that just pop out easily.  That are immediately and loudly apparent.  Savage, my Jormunger, had a personality that popped out right after taming.  So did Sancho Panza, my hyenna who's currently running the wilds of the Barrens right now.  My two Devilsaurs are excellent examples of this as well.  Badcop went from being the ferocious and fear inspiring King Krush to goofy, lighthearted, and silly the instant he was tamed.  Vixen is the polar opposite of Badcop.  She is ferocious, temperamental, jealous, and an all around hothead.  How can two nearly identical bunch of pixels be so different?

All this talk of the personality of pixelated pets has me wondering how I, as an educated, rational, logical person can wax on about my temperamental black devilsaur vs my goofy green one.  I don't know.  Maybe it's because I'm an animal lover so my brain is hardwired to be more in tune with them and that somehow translates into the way I think about my "fake" pets.  But it is what it is and right now deciding whether or not to keep both is killing me.

Typing out this post has helped me come to a non-decision decision.  I'm going to take my time making this one and not do anything too soon.  Straight as a spiral and clear as mud, right?  Sigh!


  1. I hope they let you (and the rest of us too) get more stable slots so you won't have to make these decisions. :)

    In MOP I will probably let go of some pets which I've only kept for raid buffs now. I tend to only get really attached to the cats in my stable.

    I hate the word phrasing of "Abandon Pet" though and I get this teardripping image in my head of me really abandoning a pet who doesn't want to be abandoned and that perhaps will be helpless on it's own. Like Ethan Hawke and White Fang in the 90's movie. I like your approach better, you're sending them to your alt. :)

  2. Well, I've only sent my white core hound so far the others I've released. I hate the term "abandoned" too. It's so harsh. I wish they'd change it to "released". It's much more apporpriate, IMO. I dont mind releasing certain pets since in a way the whole Azeroth is one big stable. Other than rares who take a while to find, you can tame and retame pets as much as you want with no penalty. I still like the pets I've released but sometimes it's just a matter of practicality which ones are in my stable at a given time.