Friday, February 24, 2012

Tag To The Sixth Power

So apparently there's a fun game going around the blogosphere in which a blogger is "tagged" and is supposed to go in her sixth image folder, chose the sixth image, publish it on her blog, and then tag six other bloggers to do the same.  Lae over at World of Lae was kind enough to tag me and list my armory and blog in her Hunterstalker list.

I realized that I don't actually have six image folders (and that my images are in desperate need of organizing) so I just went into my main WoW image folder and chose the sixth image from there.  Llewelyn is the lucky dude who's photo just happened to be in that spot.  I took this photo to show off a new transmog set in a thread on MMO which is why it's cropped verytight and un-screenshot like.

Since I didn't have a sixth folder I then thought maybe I should do the 36th image as a way to add the extra element of six (6x6=36).  Turns out to be of Hercules and I taking Zodiac on a walk.  Whether he liked it or not!

Now I'm thinking why stop there?  Here's the sixth picture from the file I keep most of my Alliance hunter's shots in.  This is my baby hunter having to finish off a mob that came out of nowhere before she could tame the bear, which turned out to be her beloved Lucius:

I have a folder of favorite screenshots that rotate in a slideshow and serve as my screensaver.  Wouldn't you know it but Llewellyn was right smack in the sixth spot again.  This was when my hunter was still a new baby 85 and before I released, and since retamed, Sambas.  He was called Badcop then...and name now belonging to my King Krush.  Lots of backstory on a simple screenshot!

And finally here is a rough totally unedited shot from the folder where all my wow screenshots initially go. It's my warlock Dornsing on the trash before Ultraxion.  "Dornsing" is what we in my guild call afk'ing on trash pulls.  Affectionately named after a habitually Dornsing guildie guessed it.... Dorns!  <3 :D

If you are tagged you don't have to include all these screenshots, just the sixth image in your sixth image folder.  But since I can't seem to help bending the occasional rule I couldn't just stop there.  Here's a list of other hunter bloggers I tagged: (you don't even have to tag only hunters..just any other blogger..I just wanted to)


  1. I like the one with Sambas and the candles! And your baby hunter is adorable. :)