Monday, February 20, 2012

Crazy Cat Lady

I love cats.  Big ones, little ones, fat ones, thin ones.  I think cats are one of the most amazing creatures on the planet.  I have two of my own non-pixelated cats even.  This love for cats is no doubt what makes me keep quite of a few of the WoW cats.  They are, IMO, the quintessential hunter pet.  This independent ferocious predator working in tandem with their hunter pal.  I love it!

I spent some time taking each of my cats around to various zones, hanging out, and taking some screenshots.  They came out pretty nicely, if I must say so myself.

Of course, we start with Dulcinea.  My favorite cat in my favorite zone, Winterspring.

I took Llywelyn to The Barrens.  He looked awesome against the golden rocks and praries.  Very Lion Kingesque!

I thought the dark rocky zone of Deepholme would highlight Freyja perfectly.  She showed up beautifully against the midnight background.  And the first shot of her is one of my favorite screenshots ever.  I call it "Big Kitty Yawn" lol!

Finally, my special boy, Jameel.  I wanted to take shots of my gorgeous spirit snow leopard against a snowy background.  Zul'Drak was perfect as parts of it are snowy but it has that gorgeous colorful night sky.

And I can't leave out my newest cats, those on my Draenei Hunter alt.

First up is LaTif, who looks great against the fiery background of the Badlands.  A badass zone for a badass cat!

This is Liam.  We ended up in Elwynn Forest.  It was dreary and rainy but it added a certain charm to the atmosphere.

LeFey's photoshoot took place in Desolace.  I rarely visit the zone and thought the contrast between an ethereal translucent spirit beast would look nice in the lighting there and against the harsh desert areas of the zone.

Finally we have Lluillier on Bloodmyst Isle.  Another zone I rarely go to but the colors looked gorgeous and complemented her beautifully.


  1. You're tagged. :)

  2. How fun! :) Ok so if I have this straight I need to go to my sixth imgage folder, make a blog post of my sixth image, then tag six other hunter's blogs? I can choose any hunter from your Hunterstalker list? The tagging the other hunters is what I'm a bit confused about! Also what if my image isn't hunter related?

  3. Oh hei. :) Sorry, I'm a bit too occupied with the hunters, so I don't think I got the true meaning across. :)

    You're right about the image. And then you choose 6 blogs. They don't have to be hunter-related at all, that part was just me. I'm gonna go check my own post now and tidy it up a bit.


  4. OK, I like the idea of chosing fellow hunters though. I'll get a post up asap. Thanks for tagging me :)