Monday, November 28, 2011

Transmog is almost here!

So, the sort of official word on 4.3 is that it's tomorrow.  At least according to MMO.  With it comes a brand new raid, new five mans, many class changes, two new cat skins, of all...transmog!!  Sorry if that makes me less than hardcore to some, as if a blog dedicated to pixelated pets didn't already :P, but I really can't wait for this feature.  Yes, yes, I can't wait for the new raids either and yes, I've been on the ptr on my main, a Warlock.  But I've been yearning to wear cute sexy outfits of my choosing for so long now so please excuse me if I'm super excited about it.  For the past few months I've been finding and putting away outfits like a squirel stores nuts for the winter.

Yes, I've been mildly obssessed.  Ok maybe more than mildly!  Whatever!  The result is a crap ton of outfits for my hunter, warlock main and my other alt, a resto druid.  When I say crap ton I mostly mean for my hunter since cute mail outfits abound in WoW!  Lucky mail wearers!  I have somewhere around 25 sets that I've either completed or am in the process of completing.  I believe I used the word obssessed, didn't I?

Don't worry, I won't spam each and every outfit but here are a few samples of my favorites:

This is the hunter Tier one from MC with the bow off FL's Ragnaros.  This tier doesn't seem to be a popular choice but I really like it.  At least I'll be one of the few rockin' it!  And of course, that's beautiful Marama posing with me.

Tier 12 is the only other tier set I like.  The rest are just meh!  Funny that the first and last (as of this post) tier sets are my favorite!  Pictured with my trusty sidekick, Sancho!  I took it with him since he's the pet I use most often in raids and so helped most gathering the pieces.  Thanks, buddy!
This is my teeny weeny bikini set.  I'm just waiting for the green Merciless gloves to "drop" on the ah. The ones pictured are ok but I really want the other ones.  It matches Tagmata beautifully.  Maybe I'll make this my first pvp set?
Purple is my favorite color so, of course, I just had to have the Steadfast set.  The cloak I got from doing that 3D Sarth run where I won the Twilight Drake.  Bonus!  This set looks awesome next to Andraste.  Her rich colors really bring out the purple tones.
I love the darker color of this set.  It's pictured with mostly Ebonhold and Renegade pieces.  I have a few more Ebonhold pieces that I can wear with it too if I want a totally black look.  The shoulders are Heavy Scorpid.  The bow is from Halls of Reflection.  A fun thing to solo, btw!  And of course, Jameel makes it look even better!

I love this set. It's mostly Battleforge pieces with the healer helm off Rag and the Rag bow.  I love how the fiery colors contrast with Marama's glowy softness.

Feminazi looks like she was made to match the Brigade set, doesn't she?  She's a new addition and I'm loving her so far.  The crossbow is from BWL.

Here is the Captain's set with the Masterwork belt.  It's smaller and not as clunky as the set's matching belt.  Badcop, in all his ridiculous green glory, goes great with it.  The bow is the Black Bow of the Betrayer from BT.

This is the Renegade set.  I love it and feel so ninjaesque in it.  And who but a Blood Elf can get away with horizontal stripes?  The deep black blue colors look awesome next to Freyja.

This is the season 10 Vicious pvp set.  I had to show it off next to Vixen before she had a fit over being excluded!  I believe I did say she was temperamental in a previous post!  I've worn this so much lately that I probably won't wear it anytime soon but am definitely keeping it around for the future.

This is a set I put together with random green and silver pieces.  The top and gloves are Fel Iron and the pants are from the Impenetrable set.  The bow is from BT.  Kuuipo is pictured here with me.  He's had quite the transformation since he was last introduced.  More on that in a later post.

Dulcinea together with this set of random silver pieces makes for a nice icy look. The bow is the Needle Threader.  I like that it's small and light.  A nice change from some of the heavier looking ranged weapons.

Another purple set!  I love the deep rich color of this Felstone set.  Accompanied nicely by Aeolus :)!  The gun is the Crossfire Carbine.  

Armida compliments the Lord's set nicely.  I prefer a blonde hair color with this set.  The brunnette clashes, IMO.  I'm still trying to find a bow or gun to match it.

The engraved set had to be pictured next to none other than Daredevil.  It looks like it was made to match him.  I haven't done much with him so maybe this will give me an excuse to get him out of the stable more.

I wasn't really feeling the Knight's set until I actually tried it on my toon rather than just the dressing room window.  I love it now.  It matches perfectly with the Rimebane Rifle from PoS.  And look how Fukh's eyes go with it.  Gorgeous!

I have no idea which will be my first transmog set come Tuesday.  I'll probably decide that last minute.   This is not even all of my completed sets!  I'll add a few more to this post maybe but I think this is more than enough of a screenshot spam for now, lol.   

Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Rotating Stable

There are a couple of pets in what I refer to as "My Rotating Stable".  They're pets that I like and feel bonded to but am able to release them to the wild and retame them when I start to miss their company.  I consider them "mine" and I know exactly which wild mob they are and, of course, I retame the same one each time.

First up is Volos, my serpent.  When he's in the wild he becomes Venomtip, the serpent who lives in Scholazar Basin.   I first came across him while doing Oracle dailies.  I had never been particularly interested in Serpants but one look at him and I was in love.  He's an awesome dude and is gorgeous.  Particularly how the light dances across his body.  And the faces he makes are too cute.  One of my favorite things about Volos is the way he looks in water.  He stretches all the way out and looks so graceful.  He just slices right through it:

I like taking him into bg's.  I'm sure there are better pets utility wise but he makes such an impressive sight I just can't resist:

Here Casanova and I are taking a walk with Volos in the wild.

I adore Volos as Volos, my pet Serpent but I love him equally as much as his wild counterpart, Venomtip.  Either way I feel bonded to him!

Next is Baby, my adorable chocolate Rhino.  One of the most amazing things about Baby are his gorgeous green eyes.  They look so pretty with the color of his coat.  When in the wild Baby lives in the Rhino herd right outside Warsong Hold in the Borean Tundra.  I can pick him out of a crowd even though he looks like every other baby Rhino there.  I know which one is my Baby!  He's the one with the name above him.

He is one big baby, that's for sure!  He's even bigger than me on a mount lol!
Here's Baby and I taking a break after FL dailies.  He's has a gentleness about him that I don't find in a lot of my other pets.  They tend to be fierce and intense while he is calm and mellow.  He can still kick ass when needed though!

Here Tagmata and I are visiting Baby with his wild family. I feel very comfortable releasing baby back to the loving care of his Rhino mom and the big bad mean males roaming the area keep him very safe when he's not with me.

And last but not least is my Kapre.  Kapre is a recent addition to the Rotating Stables.  I'm trying out a pink wasp (loving her so far) so I temporarily released Kapre back to the wild.  I plan to get him back soon though as I'm missing him already. I just have to choose another pet that I feel comfortable putting in the Rotating Stable. 

My new wasp, Feminazi, has no idea she's looking at one of her stablemates.  She behaved herself though and was a complete lady :D!
This is one of my favorite shots of Kapre.  I had forgotten that used him for part of a MC run and he still had a debuff from one of the bosses.  I pull him out of my stable and am like, "OMG my gorilla's on fire!" lol!  Too funny!  Don't worry though, Kapre is fine and was no worse for the wear.
I adore this shot of him.  He looks so cute and innocent...which he is most certainly not.  He's my mischievous little trouble maker but I love him just the same!

I want to make it clear that these are not the "D-list" pets.  I love and have a bond with each of them but something about them makes me feel comfortable releasing them into the wild and them getting them back when I want to spend time with them.  It may seem strange to some but it works for me with these particular pets.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Focus: Aranea

I wanted Deth'tilac.  He was the one spider I just HAD to have.  Shortly after hitting 85 I rushed my way through the dailies that unlock the Molten Front and all the tameable pets it holds.  I was in a hurry to tame this gorgeous purple crystal spider!  Finally I saw him up, gathered several guildies to help me (I was new to the challenge tames and didn't think I could do it alone), tamed one of the random Cinderweb Creepers wandering the area for their web, and started the tame.  That attempt ended in poor Deth dethstriking himself to death (can I use Deth, deth, or death anymore in a sentence?).  Ah well there's always a next time!

When I hearthed back to Org I realized I had forgotten to abandon the "throw away" spider.  This turns out to be a great thing since once I got a closer look at this yellow lava spider I was instantly smitten.  This thing was gorgeous!  He had a gorgeous yellow luminescence on his legs and body that I didn't expect.  He looked like a walking piece of crystal jewelry.

I knew Anthriss was the same model and I knew right then and there that I had to have her too!  I took my little temp back to the MF to release him and wait for Anthriss.  I had seen her up several times while waiting for Deth to spawn but I never really gave her a closer look.  Of course once I decided I wanted her it would take over three weeks to see her again.  But eventually I found her, tamed her in one try, and I've loved her ever since.  I named her Aranea, a feminized version of Araneae, the Order (a scientific classification group) spiders belong to.

I did eventually tame Deth (on my own), and he is gorgeous as well, but I ended up releasing him for the space.  He may have been my obsession once but now it's Aranea who has my heart.  Her gorgeous sunshiny color just makes me happy when she's out with me.  And as a bonus she matches one of my transmog sets!  Since Aranea is the focus of this entry(see what I did there?) I figured I'd spam you all with screenshots of her and I.  In a couple of them you may think I accidentally put in a picture of Solix or Skitterflame...nope she just occasionally likes to impersonate them and show that anything they can do she can do better....and look better doin' it :D!

I plan to make many more of my pets the stars of the own Focus entries.  Hope you enjoyed this one!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Meet n Greet

I suppose no pet blog would be complete without an intro to the stable.  This is goona be one hell of a long post so I'll keep the commentary brief!

Aeolus:  Named after the Greek god of the wind.  He is breathtakingly gorgeous and in the upcoming patch is about to get even more deadly:

Andraste:  I didn't even want her.  Until I tamed her.  Now I can't get enough of her.  She's my bg buddy and go to pet when I want to piss off some melee for about 10 seconds every minute.

Apple: Freakin' adorable.  After failing to click with a pink raptor named Jezebel, my connection with this guy was instant.  Don't ask why the weird name.  I don't know!  It just fit somehow!

Aranea:  Everyone and their sister can have Deth'tilac!  Aranea is mine!  Her luminescent body and legs are stunning.  Like a walking piece of jewelry.  She just makes me happy when she's out with me.

Armida:  Another unexpected click!  I just love her!  And she looks awesome with my tier 12!

Badcop:  I only wanted to tame him because he was NEVER up!  Once tamed our connection was immediate.  I adore him!  He's goofy, silly, and ridiculously green.  And I'm totally fine with that!

Belladonna:  Don't judge this book by her cover.  Beneath her scary exterior lies a heart of gold.  She is kind, caring, and wise.  An old soul, for sure!

Boudicca:  Like her namesake this is one fierce chick!  She's a lean mean killing machine if there ever was one.

Casanova: My big adorable ladies man!  I went from not wanting a croc to being completely besotted with this guy.

Daredevil:  Fiery turtle of death!  Could he be any cooler?  Err...I mean hotter?

Dulcinea: My baby girl.  She's fierce, loyal, and deadly.  Cats and hunters may be cliche but they are cliche for a reason.  They work! 

Freyja:  She is the calm to Dulcinea's storm.  She exudes peace and tranquility...but she also can demonstrate exactly why she's in the the Ferocity tree.  Forget that at your own risk!

Fukh:  How can something so cute be so deadly?  I'll let you know when I've figured that out!

Jameel: I cannot begin to describe how much I love this guy.  The first pet I REEEEALY wanted!  He is just amazing.  Fierce, lithe, and loyal.  Perfection!

Kapre:  Named after a fat Filipino ghost who lives in trees.  Kapres can be good or bad depending on who they come in contact with.  Mine is good or bad depending on whether or not you're trying to kill me :D!

Kuuipo:  He reminds me of the wild boar that roam Hawaii where I grew up.  His name means sweetheart in Hawaiian.  He's the newest pet so am still figuring this guy out. 

Marama:  Named after a Polynesian moon goddess.  One look at her and I knew this was my corehound.  I could never replace her.

Muffet:  One of the newer additions.  She is all girl, sugar and spice and everything nice.  Feminine, delicate, yet dangerous!  I've already grown to love her in such a short time.

Nyx:  Marama may have two heads but Nyx has two personalites.  One side is adorkable and loving while the other is vicious and my enemies.  I love both sides to this gorgeous gal!

Sancho Panza:  Like his namesake, this guy is my sidekick more often than anyone else in a raid.  He's rough and gruff but gets the job done.

Savage:  How can you not love this big herp derp of a dude?  He's so silly and irresistable!  I love this adorable goofball.

Tagmata:  "Brown" is what Petopia calls her.  I call her a gorgeous mix of pink, peach, cream, and shimmer.  She tears up the bgs with her skills. I would never have expected to click with a bug but I can't bear to part with my Tag.

Vixen:  An my Vixen!  I adore this girl and she is by side a lot.  Jealous, temperamental, and yet loving at the same time.  She is as fierce and Badcop is goofy!

Vladimir:  He is as dark and deadly as his name implies.  I love his viciousness.  He has a soft side as well but only I get to see it.

White Lady:  I have such a strong bond to this girl!  She is my go to tank and handles whatever I throw at her.  It was love at first sight for me and I've never looked back.

Whew!  That's everyone!  I have a few others in what I call my "rotating stable".  They roam the wilds when they're not here with me.  I'll introduce them in a future post!