Monday, November 28, 2011

Transmog is almost here!

So, the sort of official word on 4.3 is that it's tomorrow.  At least according to MMO.  With it comes a brand new raid, new five mans, many class changes, two new cat skins, of all...transmog!!  Sorry if that makes me less than hardcore to some, as if a blog dedicated to pixelated pets didn't already :P, but I really can't wait for this feature.  Yes, yes, I can't wait for the new raids either and yes, I've been on the ptr on my main, a Warlock.  But I've been yearning to wear cute sexy outfits of my choosing for so long now so please excuse me if I'm super excited about it.  For the past few months I've been finding and putting away outfits like a squirel stores nuts for the winter.

Yes, I've been mildly obssessed.  Ok maybe more than mildly!  Whatever!  The result is a crap ton of outfits for my hunter, warlock main and my other alt, a resto druid.  When I say crap ton I mostly mean for my hunter since cute mail outfits abound in WoW!  Lucky mail wearers!  I have somewhere around 25 sets that I've either completed or am in the process of completing.  I believe I used the word obssessed, didn't I?

Don't worry, I won't spam each and every outfit but here are a few samples of my favorites:

This is the hunter Tier one from MC with the bow off FL's Ragnaros.  This tier doesn't seem to be a popular choice but I really like it.  At least I'll be one of the few rockin' it!  And of course, that's beautiful Marama posing with me.

Tier 12 is the only other tier set I like.  The rest are just meh!  Funny that the first and last (as of this post) tier sets are my favorite!  Pictured with my trusty sidekick, Sancho!  I took it with him since he's the pet I use most often in raids and so helped most gathering the pieces.  Thanks, buddy!
This is my teeny weeny bikini set.  I'm just waiting for the green Merciless gloves to "drop" on the ah. The ones pictured are ok but I really want the other ones.  It matches Tagmata beautifully.  Maybe I'll make this my first pvp set?
Purple is my favorite color so, of course, I just had to have the Steadfast set.  The cloak I got from doing that 3D Sarth run where I won the Twilight Drake.  Bonus!  This set looks awesome next to Andraste.  Her rich colors really bring out the purple tones.
I love the darker color of this set.  It's pictured with mostly Ebonhold and Renegade pieces.  I have a few more Ebonhold pieces that I can wear with it too if I want a totally black look.  The shoulders are Heavy Scorpid.  The bow is from Halls of Reflection.  A fun thing to solo, btw!  And of course, Jameel makes it look even better!

I love this set. It's mostly Battleforge pieces with the healer helm off Rag and the Rag bow.  I love how the fiery colors contrast with Marama's glowy softness.

Feminazi looks like she was made to match the Brigade set, doesn't she?  She's a new addition and I'm loving her so far.  The crossbow is from BWL.

Here is the Captain's set with the Masterwork belt.  It's smaller and not as clunky as the set's matching belt.  Badcop, in all his ridiculous green glory, goes great with it.  The bow is the Black Bow of the Betrayer from BT.

This is the Renegade set.  I love it and feel so ninjaesque in it.  And who but a Blood Elf can get away with horizontal stripes?  The deep black blue colors look awesome next to Freyja.

This is the season 10 Vicious pvp set.  I had to show it off next to Vixen before she had a fit over being excluded!  I believe I did say she was temperamental in a previous post!  I've worn this so much lately that I probably won't wear it anytime soon but am definitely keeping it around for the future.

This is a set I put together with random green and silver pieces.  The top and gloves are Fel Iron and the pants are from the Impenetrable set.  The bow is from BT.  Kuuipo is pictured here with me.  He's had quite the transformation since he was last introduced.  More on that in a later post.

Dulcinea together with this set of random silver pieces makes for a nice icy look. The bow is the Needle Threader.  I like that it's small and light.  A nice change from some of the heavier looking ranged weapons.

Another purple set!  I love the deep rich color of this Felstone set.  Accompanied nicely by Aeolus :)!  The gun is the Crossfire Carbine.  

Armida compliments the Lord's set nicely.  I prefer a blonde hair color with this set.  The brunnette clashes, IMO.  I'm still trying to find a bow or gun to match it.

The engraved set had to be pictured next to none other than Daredevil.  It looks like it was made to match him.  I haven't done much with him so maybe this will give me an excuse to get him out of the stable more.

I wasn't really feeling the Knight's set until I actually tried it on my toon rather than just the dressing room window.  I love it now.  It matches perfectly with the Rimebane Rifle from PoS.  And look how Fukh's eyes go with it.  Gorgeous!

I have no idea which will be my first transmog set come Tuesday.  I'll probably decide that last minute.   This is not even all of my completed sets!  I'll add a few more to this post maybe but I think this is more than enough of a screenshot spam for now, lol.   

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